THAT’S A WRAP: “Serpents U.S. Reflects On Having A Banner Year In 2020–Despite An Ongoing Pandemic”

“Music is a contribution, not a competion”

It might not be much to you, but this bittersweet milestone, meant the world to us. With not being allowed to perform, nor having the leisure/opportunities to release new music for you this year; our hands were seemingly tied behind-our-backs all of 2020, and our Initiates helped us stay alive.

In fact, you helped us GROW where it mattered most, and in rates unseen here at the Serpents U.S. Manor; and that is without: new releases, shows, or tours–compared to last year’s stats where we had released “Temet Nosce” and played as many shows as we could. We had grown in a time where growth was, deemed “impossible” by experts, if not “constantly putting out new material/live-stream shows”… Really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

This record growth (along with other record-breaking statistics on other platforms) is truly a testament, to what the Serpents U.S. Movement is all about–the art and the Initiate.

Truly amazing to see.

Thank you from all of us, and from our team, for not letting us drown. & We hope that you join us, louder than ever before, as we venture onward into this new calendar year. You keep showing up, shouting out, and we’ll keep giving you a reason to.

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