THANK YOU: “Serpents Briefly Breaks Their Silence To Celebrate 10+ Years of Servitude”

Today, we celebrate 10 remarkable and laborious years, since the Serpents Movement has begun.

Now, being that this “Movement” we speak of, is one of artistic and spiritual liberation; you may have noticed that we’ve been a bit “M.I.A.” as of late, seemingly at a time where we should be louder than ever before–coincidence?


This silence has been executed with purpose and an insatiable amount of conviction.

(As everything I/we do, and every image/word/musical note I/we put out, has purpose and layered meaning(s) to discover and behold–regardless of consequences to us as individuals or as a collective entity.)

So, we’d like to take this moment to temporarily break our silence, and assure you all that all is well; and to simply say THANK YOU to all of our Initiates all over the globe, for your continued loyalty and support during this past decade. Truly. For without your curiosity, and support, I/we would have no reason to continue pursuing this lengthy and difficult process in awakening…you.

As time (and society) slowly continues to unravel, the next chapter(s) of our plan will unveil themselves to you…

Until then? Please, enjoy the fruits of our labors past…while you still can.